Saturday, January 9, 2010

My 1st Post

I've often thought about starting my own baseball blog. I spend a significant majority of my free time (which I have a lot of) reading different baseball sites and blogs. I'd like to think I am engaged with the most intelligent and analytical baseball writers of the era, as well engaging in a few guilty pleasures (i.e. Yankees Message Boards).

I'll begin by saying this blog is mostly for me. My mind can only hold so much frustration before it will explode. Hopefully, lightening the load will alleviate the pressure. I doubt anyone will read it, and if you do, i question your sanity. There are far better writers out there who spend a great deal more effort trying to make sense of a game that a majority of the world has never heard of.

Here's a quick shortcut to the guys I'd rather read than myself (and those whom I read before and after this post):

Rob Neyer

Joe Posnanski

Jonah Keri

Dave Cameron


Baseball Prospectus

Baseball America

The Baseball Analysts

-I don't agree with everything these guys say. I don't read them so that I can have what I think regurgitated back at me. These guys make me think. I hope I can make you think too. Enjoy.


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